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Crescent Funeral Services

Crescent Funeral Services is an independent funeral service serving the communities of Taunton, Langport and Curry Rivel in Somerset. The team wanted to be able to show off their funeral home to families who may never of stepped foot inside a funeral home before. There can be a lot of emotion when it comes to visiting a funeral home and the Crescent team were keen to do what they could to help remove some worries before paying them a visit. By taking a virtual tour of their home before visiting in person, families will know what to expect and find themselves in a familiar setting, helping them to overcome some of the fears they may have. 

The virtual tour, as it’s seen online, was designed around the current branding guidelines and the information hotspot icons utilise their crescent moon logo. We have also added the logo of SAIF, who currently represent over 870 independent funeral directors across the whole UK. Crescent Funeral services have embedded the virtual tour within their website so families and users of their site are able to easily take a virtual look around.

Take the tour below.


ClientCrescent Funeral Services Ltd.Launch DateJuly, 2023Share