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Richard Huish College

Based in Taunton, Richard Huish College delivers high quality education to more than 2,000 students a year, and is one of only a few state Sixth Form Colleges in the country that offers a boarding option. Richard Huish College is part of the Richard Huish Trust, a group of educational organisations that spans primary, secondary and further education, committed to delivering exceptional education. The history of Richard Huish College originally dates back to the 18th century where the college was situated within Taunton town centre. The original site is now a Sainsbury’s car park. The college, where we know it now, is alleged to be on the site of an old Arboretum and each building has been named after trees on the campus in respect of this. Redwood, Willow, Juniper, Hawthorn, Cedar, Maple, Aspen, Sycamore, Oak and Beech all feature as building names on the campus. The Weeping Willow on the south side of the College was grown from a cutting of the tree overhanging Napoleon’s grave, on the Island of St. Helena, in the South Atlantic!

We first started working with Richard Huish College during the COVID-19 restrictions of October 2020. 360 South West were tasked to create a virtual tour of the college campus, to allow potential new students and their parents explore the site at a time when they couldn’t open the doors and put on an open day as they previously would. Since creating the tour, we have been back to the college numerous times to photograph updates to the tour as and when the campus has changed. The latest editions of October 2023 include a new 3G pitch located at the rear of the college.

We also work with Richard Huish College to produce the photography needed for their prospectus each year. 

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