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Premium Virtual Tours

With our Premium Virtual Tours we build a layer of information on top of your imagery to aid navigation and user interaction.  
Canon camera creating 360 Virtual Tour of Britannia Leisure Centre, Hackney.

Our Premium virtual tours are the perfect enhancement to our Essential tours. With the added layer of information on top of the imagery making the navigational process a lot more user friendly adding real value to your business. 

The functionality of the side menu aids navigation by letting users move through the tour without having to complete every 360. The user is able to navigate straight to the area of your business that interests them most.

Our hotspots help to add more information about your business and products or services by placing images, videos, text and audio anywhere within the scene. 

The overall look and feel of our Premium Virtual Tours can be built in line with your existing branding guidelines. We are able to sue the same colours schemes and fonts used across your website and social medias to ensure the highest possible quality. 

In order to give users the very best experience, we are also able to enable a Virtual Reality mode within your tour by using apps for Meta VR headsets as well as utilising the Google Cardboard style of headset. 

Another benefit over our Essential tours is that with our Premium tours we are able to collect analytics and show data such as how many views the tour has had, helping give an insight on how the audience is engaging with the tour. 

Offline mode is also available with our Premium tours, meaning that you can have your tour on a device not connected to the internet, perfect for situations where a stable WiFi connection is not available. 

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